About Me

For questions or comments please email me at nick.cicogna09@gmail.com

Thanks so much for checking out my site, Nick Cicogna Art, I really appreciate it!  I’ve been an amateur photographer since 1999 when I received my first camera, a Nikon N70, from my dad.  I’m currently shooting with a Nikon D80 but hope to upgrade soon.  I never claim to be the next Ansel Adams or Weegee (checkout his work!) or be an expert in the technical aspects of my camera but I enjoy seeing what’s out there. 

I recently published my first book, Through the Lens of Anxiety (Available Now!).  I talk about how taking photos has helped me cope with anxiety and pushed me to face my fears while getting out in the world and enjoying life.  It includes over 70 photos taken by me and even a 100-item scavenger hunt for people to get outside their own head and focus on what’s in front of them.  Some of those photos are even available for purchase.

I was born and raised in the Bronx and currently live in Connecticut.  I’m a die-hard Yankee, Rangers, Texas Longhorn, Giants and Knicks fan.  I enjoy visiting stadiums and arenas of the four major sports and I’m almost at 80!

I also started my own anti-bullying foundation called Stronger Than Bullying.  By selling athletic apparel and donating a portion of the proceeds, I hope to make a statement and start a movement.  Take the power away from bullies.  I want to show kids and young adults that there is strength in numbers.  If they see my shirts being worn by athletes and gym enthusiasts, my hope is that it will give them comfort during this difficult time and know they are not alone.  I aspire to give people the confidence to stand up for others.  Sometimes it only takes one voice to put an end to bullying.

Check it out at www.strongerthanbullying.com